Sharing the wonderful joy of Cartonnage fabric/paper boxes

This community is where my students, members of the "Joyful Cartonnage CLUB" can come together to get to know each other, learn and share their passion for making cartonnage fabric or paper boxes.

With a Joyful Cartonnage CLUB Subscription you’ll get:

  • Access to 12+ cartonnage complete online courses (always under construction so, more content added periodically)
  • This community network open to members only, where you'll find a secure, welcoming environment
  • Exclusive lessons to guide you on your cartonnage  journey
  • A place to ask questions, post your projects and receive feedback 
  • Exclusive members-only, video tutorials with Claudia Squio
  • Connections with cartonnage lovers that live near and far away

I'm so excited to create a safe space for creativity and connection, a place where we can learn and love cartonnage together!
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